Program Requirements

The following are required for consideration for our Program.

Professional Evaluation Form
PEF is a traditional letter of evaluation. It is an optional addition to the application. Between two and four PEFs are allowed for each program designation.

ADEA PASS Evaluations

Professional Evaluation Form: Three

Matriculation Requirement

This requirement is mandatory for matriculation. This must be met if you are accepted and matriculated into the program and completed prior to registration. Verification of requirement must be sent to the program directly.

Program-Specific Requirements

Program Supplemental Requirements

Required Supplemental Information:

Domestic/ International Applicants: $25 Supplement Application Fee

Please wait until the program contacts you regarding receipt of your ADEA PASS application to submit the required supplemental information. Below is a list of all required supplemental information:

Please submit the supplemental application form along with a 2 X 2 photo, CV and the $25.00 supplemental fee, made payable to Temple University Hospital Pediatric Dental Residency Program. Please remember to have official copies of undergraduate transcripts and DAT scores included in your PASS. Also, please make sure that the name supplied on your PASS application matches all other information enclosed please inform us if your name has changed since your undergraduate program. Please find the supplemental application here.