Tongue and Lip Ties

Tongue and Lip Ties

Release or revision of the frenulum can occur at various ages and for various reasons. Frenulums are typically located between the front upper and/or lower jaw (Labial Frenulum), under the tongue (Lingual Frenulum) and in some cases on the sides of the jaws and connecting out to the cheeks (Buccal Frenulum).

Everyone has these frenulums and they are all part of our anatomy and make-up. Where the frenulum attaches and how it effects the oral structure it is connected to determines if a frenulectomy procedure is needed or not.

Infant and Newborn Tongue and Lip Ties

Patients that have been referred for an evaluation for a suspected nursing issue that is impacting the child and parent breastfeeding relationship will be evaluated for a potential lingual and or labial frenulum issue. Lingual and/or labial frenulectomies are deemed necessary after a thorough examination of the newborn or infant and an in depth history of both the mother and child’s symptoms. It is highly recommended that all patients that seek an evaluation have seen a lactation consultant or specialist to help rule out other potential problems.

A large body of very useful knowledge can be found on Dr. Bobby Ghaheri’s Website at http://drghaheri.squarespace.com/ . Please refer to the download section for various articles that will elaborate on specific topics.

PDA no longer sees patients under 2 years of age for evaluation and treatment of Tongue & Lip Ties. 

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