​Nerve Treatments

Nerve treatments consist of treatment of the nerve with various medicines or techniques, depending on the age of the patient and health of the nerve tissue.

Baby nerve treatments, or pulpotomies, are performed when a large carious lesion is into or extremely close to the nerve tissue. The tissue is removed and a sedative medicine placed into the tooth. These teeth may or may not have experienced pain or discomfort up until that point.

Nerve treatment performed on adult teeth vary greatly and may be a result of trauma to the tooth or from a carious lesion that has reached the pulp. Every effort is made to allow the tooth to remain vital and new biocompatible materials are used to allow the pulp to in effect form a protective barrier. By allowing the pulp of the tooth and body to heal itself will lengthen the life of the tooth, but it still made need a full nerve treatment.

When the nerve of a permanent tooth can not be repaired conservatively with biocompatible materials, a referral to an endodontist or root canal specialist will occur to allow for the best care.