First Visits

At Pediatric Dental Associates, we encourage all parents and caregivers to schedule their child’s first visit for shortly after the child’s first teeth come in. (This could be as early as six months of age.)

Coming early has it benefits. It allows for important education on proper dental health for infants and toddlers. It also helps start acclimating children to our office.

As children get to two to three years of age, our pediatric team will start cleaning the child’s teeth and performing more thorough examinations. Even if the child is hesitant to let us clean his or her teeth, these visits will help the child grow more comfortable with our surroundings and treatment approach.

At any age, it’s important to remember the role parents and caregivers play in promoting positive dental experiences and outcomes. Practice good dental hygiene yourself. And when it comes to appointments and dental visits, avoid words that might scare your child and add to the stress. These include words like pain, shot, needle, and drill. We don’t use these words at our offices and encourage you to not use them at home.