Approach to Care

The best dental experiences are built on mutual trust between our dentists, patients, and their families. So that’s where we start. At Pediatric Dental Associates, we seek to engage parents and patients in proper dental health. From there we treat our patients as individuals while addressing the wide variety of dental health problems that children experience from birth through their teenage years. We believe that education is important. From diet through hygiene, we hope to engage every patient in playing an active role in having and maintaining healthy smiles.

Our goal at Pediatric Dental Associates is to address the immediate dental needs of every patient and then set them up with a dental home for all 6-month check-ups and treatment. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive oral rehabilitation with appropriately conservative treatment techniques.

We look to make every dental experience a positive one. Things like “tell, show, do” and constant positive enforcement make a difference. For younger, or more anxious children, we have various options, such as administration of N2O (laughing gas) and conscious sedation at our offices. In addition, when necessary, general anesthesia is available at several facilities.